vestibular diagnostics VNG and VOG

Software for VNG and VOG

intelligent eye movement recognition softwareVestibular diagnostic video system VF5 can be built into your personal computer or is available as a complete system, including computer and monitor. The patient's eye movements are recorded using two miniaturized infrared video cameras mounted in a lightweight mask. The video images of the eyes are analyzed within a PC-based VNG system to detect horizontal and vertical eye positions. The images of the eyes are shown together with the eye movement traces and analysis diagrams on the computer screen. The application is easy to use in a standard Windows environment.

At the picture you can see the result of intelligent eye recognition: the software automatically locates the pupil and outlines the region of interest.

Software features for VNG:

  • Patient's database
  • Calibration
  • Continuous video output of both eyes to the monitor
  • Simultaneous video recording of both eyes to HDD, intelligent eye recognition, calculation of eyes center positions, drawing of all necessary curves on the screen
  • Monocular or binocular synchronous pupillometry
  • Software for spontaneous nystagmus test
  • Caloric test (option)
  • Composition of protocol and diagnosis
  • Report generation, print preview and printing
  • Report export to DOC or HTML format
  • Video recording of test results to CD or DVD (option)
  • Designed for Windows-2000/XP

Additional software features for VOG

  • Gaze test
  • Smooth pursuit
  • Saccade test
  • Optokinetic test
  • VisGen visual stimulus generator
VNG and VOG equipment
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