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Products for vestibular diagnostics and balance assesment

We are selling the following medical equipment for efficient vestibular diagnostics and balance assesment:

VNG softwareComparison VNG and ENG: eye movement measurements play an essential part in patient diagnosis by providing the clinician with important qualitative and quantitative information. However, traditional electronystagmography (ENG) has the same problems inherent in most electrode based systems, including biologic and external noise and signal drift. Electrodes consume additional time and expense and are generally an uncomfortable inconvenience for the patient. Lastly, ENG does not facilitate the subjective evaluation of eye movements.

Video Nystagmography (VNG) provides the solutions to the limitations of previous measurement techniques. Video images of the eyes are obtained without direct contact, using high resolution cameras with infrared illumination for horizontal and vertical measurements. The setup is fast and as easy as using Frenzel's glasses.

At the picture you can see the result of eye recognition: the VNG software automatically locates the pupil and outlines the region of interest. That accuracy can't be achieved at ENG approach. So one can say that we offer advanced four-channel electronystagmography system without electrodes and with a greater accuracy.

We also offer computer-based system for non-medical applications of eye tracking in the following fiedls: psychology, vision science, ergonomics, driving studies, neuroscience, human factors, web design, ophthalmology, usability, marketing. It's ideal tool to examine reading and visual scanning.

VNG and VOG equipment
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